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A Warrior’s Walk | Cheyenne Marine Walking the US for Veterans&Rights

You can support Eddie’s walk here:

Eddie Gray is an American hero.

He is a Cheyenne Marine veteran. Eddie began walking the perimeter states of the U.S. in 2008, to bring to light issues facing our veterans. As of this writing, he has walked over 8,000 miles and counting with a 100lb military pack on his back. He visits local politicians and troops at capitols and military bases to discuss how we can take better care of our nation’s veterans.

Not only is Eddie’s walk beneficial by bringing awareness to veterans’ causes, it is also cathartic for him as a meditative journey. He is from the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana, which claims a proud ancestry of warriors–throughout the entire history of our country. Being a warrior is unquestionably in Eddie’s blood.

This short documentary examines many aspects of his uniquely heroic odyssey.

A film by Bob Peck

Music by Noah Watson & Sleep Good
Graphics & Animation by Ryan Padgett
Color Correction by Zac Taylor
Produced by Michael Arnold & Jackson Dyre-Borowicz

13 thoughts on “A Warrior’s Walk | Cheyenne Marine Walking the US for Veterans&Rights

  1. Not only have so-called “Native Americans” been in every US war, but they were warring among each other before and after Columbus was the first Western European to discover America (preceded by the Vikings). But no one really cares who was here first because even the red man stole land from others. Live by the sword, die by the sword, Tonto.

  2. Eddie came through Falls Church Virginia today. Be safe, sir.

  3. I'm not a marine, but a retired soldier for life. What you did was totally badass. Hoorah, brother in arms. SSG (retired) Roger Allen

  4. I have alot of respect for you Eddie, for strength, courage , strong belief that all things are possible , your love for your country and hertage , but most of all your dedication as a human being. love you with all my heart. thank you for shareing your story.

  5. God bless!!!

  6. had the privilege of meeting you this morning…a great guy you are Mr Eddie & its great what your doing!…glad I could help you out this morning. <3

  7. Great story, great guy, great film! Thank you Eddie for all you do; you are an inspiration and a voice for many who are not being heard. Bob, you are such a gifted film-maker…you really capture people's souls in your interviews…love it!

  8. I met you today in Fayetteville, NC. You visited a biker church and then a group of us went out to eat lunch. I think what you are doing is AMAZING! May the Lord bless you as you walk for our vets.

  9. Bob Peck.. I'm trying to donate at go fund me now but it is telling me that there is an issue with the campaign organizer's account. Can you please fix this? Thanks

  10. Well done! From one Vet to another Vet. Dam proud!

  11. I belive in SC now heading to DC. What a amazing person!

  12. That's my brother we grew up together since Headstart, I can tell everyone he is a very noble man…safe travels brother!!!

  13. Reminds me of Forest Gump 🙂 goot cause, US Navy Japan 94-97, Umatilla Rez. Safe journey bro

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