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Veteran Housing – No Business Like Home Business

In this interview, I speak with Edwin Diaz with Helios Property Management about Veteran housing and multifamily investing. It is a great niche that does alot of good for our veterans.

What is No business Like Home Business? In this series, I interview fix and flip top producers in real estate from all across the country. We talk about rehabbing houses, flipping houses, investing, wholesaling real estate, real estate marketing ideas, rental properties, and more! I pull out as much information and as many golden nuggets as possible from my guests sharing knowledge to help you turn a small home business into the next big business!

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A Warrior’s Walk | Cheyenne Marine Walking the US for Veterans&Rights

You can support Eddie’s walk here:

Eddie Gray is an American hero.

He is a Cheyenne Marine veteran. Eddie began walking the perimeter states of the U.S. in 2008, to bring to light issues facing our veterans. As of this writing, he has walked over 8,000 miles and counting with a 100lb military pack on his back. He visits local politicians and troops at capitols and military bases to discuss how we can take better care of our nation’s veterans.

Not only is Eddie’s walk beneficial by bringing awareness to veterans’ causes, it is also cathartic for him as a meditative journey. He is from the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana, which claims a proud ancestry of warriors–throughout the entire history of our country. Being a warrior is unquestionably in Eddie’s blood.

This short documentary examines many aspects of his uniquely heroic odyssey.

A film by Bob Peck

Music by Noah Watson & Sleep Good
Graphics & Animation by Ryan Padgett
Color Correction by Zac Taylor
Produced by Michael Arnold & Jackson Dyre-Borowicz

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Veteran Saves Shelter Dogs to Save Other Vets

Veteran Saves Shelter Dogs to Save Other Vets

Marine Corps veteran Richard Brewer was saved by his dog, Anka. Not on the battlefield, but when he returned home and faced a new battle — A battle with PTSD. Things were so bad he attempted suicide. Fortunately he found a reason to live, and rescued Anka from the pound. After seeing the impact Anka had on his life, Brewer founded One Warrior Won. The organization selects well-vetted dogs from high-kill shelters and puts them into an extensive PTSD service dog program before pairing them with veterans.

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Run for Veterans in the Marathon

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Support our Heroes and the Community

Want to be involved in the community, exercise, and help our veterans in need at the same time? When you sign up for any event at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, you can select and help Veterans Matter house more heroes.

Don’t necessarily want to participate, but still want to help? You can! Simply click the button below. You can donate directly or choose to support a Veterans Matter team member fundraising for our cause.

One of the fastest marathon courses in the Midwest, The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon (GCM) course will begin on Secor Road at the University of Toledo West Entrance, circle campus before heading West into beautiful Ottawa Hills. The course then leads you to the area’s finest Metropark system utilizing the University Parks bike Trail. A tour through Sylvania leads you to Olander Park, passing the statue of Sy Mah, then back down the bike trail to a short tour of the UT campus concluding with the finish on the 50 yard line of the UT Glass Bowl Football Stadium.

Veterans are counting on us!

Events include a Kids Marathon and 5K on Saturday, then the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, Yark 5-person Marathon Relay, and Owens Corning Half Marathon on Sunday morning.

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Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills-Financial Assistance

Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills-Financial Assistance

Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills-Financial Assistance
For Veterans, the transition phase from military life to civilian life is quite struggling. Unavailability of financial resources and insufficient savings makes it tough to afford housing bills, rent, mortgage payment or home purchasing loans, causing heavy debts. Due bills can cause constant harassment from the renters, creditors and can even lead to evictions, foreclosure, and homelessness. Financial crisis can be a scary situation hence the federal government, charities, Veteran organizations, community agencies, state and local governments have initiated housing programs, preventing homelessness and offering timely financial support and resources.first time home buyer grants, home repair grants for Veterans, housing grants for disabled veterans, free money for home buying, home repair grants, hud grants for home repair, housing grants

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