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Abandoned dogs transformed by Prisoners to help Military Veterans

Abandoned dogs transformed by Prisoners to help Military Veterans

To save the lives of animals in danger while enriching the lives of people. It’s our mission statement, it’s what drives each of us at PAART. Every flight, every road trip, every late night call forces us to ask one question, what if we don’t help? What chain of events will transpire if we don’t help that one animal. People ask us what motivates you to go out and try and save an animal? The answer is that our assistance will ultimately help the men and women whose lives are changed by an animal who could have just been put down. Once in a while a mission comes along that solidifies our deep belief in the power of giving a second chance.

Animals are often found in the gravest of conditions when they enter a shelter. Durango was found living alone under a bridge. Cut off from human contact, he lived a lonely life of solitude. Buffy spent her whole life tied to a chain, never knowing the instinctual joy of roaming around, tongue waving, tail wagging, galloping with the wind blowing her ears back. She was trapped in a 6 foot diameter with no one willing to release her. Durango and Buffy, along with Peyton and River, would not have made it in a shelter. They were too far gone, too broken to be adopted.

Instead of giving up on them they were given a unique opportunity to take part in a special program with the Morgan County Animal Shelter and the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex. The dogs would be paired with an inmate, live inside with them in their jail cells, and slowly be trained to re-enter society. Along the way, something incredible happens to the inmate. They too start the healing process. They learn to care for something. They learn to love something. They learn to change. Inmates who participate in the program have a lower recidivism rate than other prisoners. Instead of warehousing criminals and then sending them back out, these prisoners are rehabilitated. Watching hardened men in orange jumpsuits cry when they say goodbye to their companions when they are finally ready to leave is powerful. It reminds us that without giving Durango, Buffy, Peyton, and River a second chance these boys, who are trying to become men, could have been lost to an endless stream of incarceration.

PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brian Moody would be link that connects two powerful stories. Brian is an active duty KC-135 Pilot with the Air National Guard. When he learned about the details of this incredible story he knew in his heart that he had to help. All four dogs would be flying to Pals4Pets in New York where they would be given to a Military Veternan free of charge. Buffy was adopted by Steven and his wife. He was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam. Durango would be taken home by Anthony, an Afghanistan War veternan who was suffering from PTSD. Durango would go on to become a service animal for Anthony. Peyton was adopted by Erinn, and 85 year old WW2 Nurse. River’s adoption is pending.

What if none of this had happened? What if these four dogs had just been put down? How easy would it have been to just determine that they were unfit for adoption? This story reminds us of the power of a second chance. Each step along this path has reinforced in our hearts that all lives matter. The dogs, the Military Veterans who need these positive forces in their lives, and even the prisoners whose debt to society is being paid in the good their actions brought others. Helping animals is about helping mankind. There is no better example for us than in this story. Thank you to all of the people involved in making this special mission happen. Kathy Sexton from Morgan County Animal Shelter, Laurie Norson from Pals4Pets, Jonathan Plesset, Brian Moody, Mary Kennedy Withrow, and Brittany Lewkowicz from PAART, and the inmates and handlers from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex.

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Veterans Coming Home: Guitars for Vets

“Right now Guitars for Vets operates 60 chapters in 30 states. We’ve given away over 2,000 new guitars. We have over 200 volunteers nationwide, and I can’t even count the number of volunteer hours.“ Meet a civilian and a veteran who have teamed up to help other veterans cope with PTSD, using the power of music to help heal the lingering trauma of combat. In addition to the powerful work that the Veterans Coming Home project is doing across the country, Wisconsin Public Television is proud to share a series of stories exploring the experiences of veterans here in Wisconsin. Watch this space each Wednesday for the next few weeks for a new video.

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Why Military Veterans Make Great Truck Drivers

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Trucker Wayne talks about some of the reasons why Military Veterans make great truck drivers.

Watch this video for quick overview on the helpful habits that are learned in the military.

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Famous Movie Lines, Animated! (Part 1)

Famous Movie Lines, Animated! (Part 1)

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Audio clips from –
Lord of The Rings,
Batman Begins,
Forrest Gump,
Pulp Fiction,
Home Alone, (from Angels with Filthy Souls),
The Shining,
Jerry Maguire,
The Terminator,
Apollo 13,
Midnight Cowboy,
A Few Good Men,
Star Wars,
Jurassic Park,
Karate Kid.

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EP5 – Veterans ID Cards, VA 100% Service Connection, Veterans Day and The Incrimination of A Unit

EP5 – Veterans ID Cards, VA 100% Service Connection, Veterans Day and The Incrimination of A Unit

In this episode we talk about 100% Service Connection, getting your Veteran ID Card from the VA and a little about Veterans Day (Our Day). Bonus – shenanigans of 950th

This episode is dedicated to Gary Knisely, (Old Man Gary) – U.S. Navy WWII

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A Message For Homeless Veterans (V1358) Living In A Van Dweller

A Message For Homeless Veterans (V1358) Living In A Van Dweller

A Message For Homeless Veterans – Help IS available for homeless veterans. If you are a homeless U.S. Military Veteran, there are programs out there to help you. Check out the pinned post below. (Ed. Note: I misspoke in this video. I was actually at the Viera VA Clinic, not the Orlando Hospital.)