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This video I discuss these steps when in the military how to start school and how I did it. This is not tax or financial advice, but some ways I have used my resources.

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Living Member says:

United States military can rot in fucking hell

Ashley says:

Thank you so much for this video, I took a break from school to focus on making HM3 and felt very guilty about it, but seeing you talk about how you utilized your time wisely and despite the hardships of military life still getting your degree is really inspiring. I wish I would have had a mentor like you when I got to my first command, definitely would've gotten alot more done. Bravo Zulu shipmate!

Merkz says:

Much needed video. Looking to get mine after Corps school. Thanks brother.

Pure Ironn says:

Question: if you were to get your degree would the military pay for it or will it use your GI Bill. I would like to save the bill for my kids

Blueskygal says:

Kudos for finishing your degree over a long period of time. Takes sustained motivation. I am non-military and went to school full time in early 70s. School was super cheap then, and it's outrageous it's so expensive today. I dropped out after 2 years (50% of people don't finish college they enroll in). I dropped out because it was the wrong dysfunctional school for me and not ready. Moved to Boston with $150 bucks in my pocket and ended up with a $900 school loan which i did repay and that got me a credit card in the 70s when they were not handing them out like candy. Went to work at BU in mid 70s and they had a program if you got a B or better they would pay for the class. So I took advantage of that over 1.5 years and basically made up the last semester of full time school that I dropped out. Flash forward to 1980 and I was working in a computer firm and because they did research they would pay for your schooling, even support staff. Went to school nights (2 nights a week for 2 classes) and summers (1 class over the summer) from 1980-84 and finally graduated in 1984 summa cum laude with honors in my major of MGMT/MIS. So that was a total of 13 years on and off. THere were other people my age at 27 in my last school and some of those people went to school for 8 years. IT requires persistance and discipline but well worth it as my income doubled after that and the BS degree opened many doors. also it teaches you self-discipline which is probably the biggest character trait people struggle with.

Julian Miyata says:

Congrats dude! I made a video myself talking about how I got my degree for free without using my GI Bill by only using Tuition Assistance. I'm jealous you guys get $4000 for TA, the Coast Guard has changed so we only get $2225… Big bummer.

Golden Dreams says:

I'd rather go to college after school, all this sounds really complex

Gwen Kirk says:

You were on the Department of Defense instagram for like 1 sec in video about the military medical field. I was like ayyyyye ik him! lol

Jayce Guion says:

I don’t know what to do, I’m talking to a national guard recruiter and he’s talking about me being able to still finish college with 100% tuition assistance and a bonus check, is there a catch to this. I figure they aren’t as highly respected and I’d catch shit from my more profound military family

J Leonard says:

Can you make a video on the thrift savings plan? My recruiting chiefs told us that it's the best place to put our money

James McGuinness says:

Could you make a video on ways military spouses can get their degree? Possibly talk about mycaa and other ways to get more schooling done for them.

Charlie Bachman says:

Which is better usaa bank or navy federal

Nando Budd says:

what school did you graduate from?

Avery Gaston says:

Perfect vid

Thanhtoan Tran says:

Nicky, do you know anyone who obtain a bachelor’s degree in a full-fledge engineering discipline like chemical and mechanical while on active duty? The reason I ask this is nearly no one talk about this aspect. The majority of people in enlisted active duty all obtain online degree.

GlitchMod says:

Check out General Discharge.
He’s a Greenside Corpsman and is hilarious.

Manny Garfias says:

Who came here before 100 views?

Maxwell McArthur says:

How long have you been in so far?

Ntech 1 says:

Can i get a Congress man to help me join

nash nuckols says:

love you dad

Ntech 1 says:

Its over for me i got disqualified

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