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Army veteran David Jaiman said his service dog, Kyng, ran away when they were in a serious crash near I-85. Kyng is still missing.
If you were touched by this PACT reunion, please support the PACT mission. You can donate to help more stories like this one happen all year long! Donate here: https://pactforanimals.org/help/donate/ Bandit and Ruger are both [More]
It is beyond important that people teach their children how to generally react to a hostile scenario; either at home, school, etc. First aid, finding cover, and passwords to alert other family members they may [More]
If you receive monthly benefits payments from the VA, you may want to double check your online account.
A Man Posted This Online After He Approached A Marine Veteran He Did Not Know A man posted a story online after an impromptu meeting at a coffee shop with an old Marine veteran. “Semper [More]
WWII veterans Joe Beale of South Carolina and Max Massey of Florida reunite for the first time since 1945. Video produced by Dan Beale of SCshowcase.com
My father had not seen his Army buddy, Ken, in 58 years and our family arranged a surprise visit. Incidentally, Dad’s nickname in the Army was “Tex” and no one else has ever called him [More]