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We had the honor of meeting Mike and his daughter Gabby. Mike is a Navy Veteran and earned his G.I. Bill benefits over 24 years and transferred his benefits to his two daughters. Gabby talked [More]
(WESTOVER, Md.) – While it’s clear America’s VetDogs Program is a win-win situation for both disabled veterans and service dogs, inmates at Eastern Correctional Institution say they’re also benefitting from the program.
Veteran benefits you may not know about! I discuss the veteran benefits in this video that may assist you in your home, traveling to VA appointments, medical supplies covered and more. Please visit www.crystalshomecare.com for [More]
The survivors of veterans can often receive benefits from VA. Veterans disability attorney Travis Studdard discusses when spouses, children, and other survivors of veterans can qualify for benefits in this video. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Perkins-Law-Firm-LLP-237913682870/?ref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/PerkinsLawTalk?lang=en [More]
Mark Newell explains the new program from the OR Dept of Veterans Affairs
There are many benefits available to veterans when they get out and even some while they are still in the military. In this video im talking about 5 of those benefits to give you an [More]
Veterans qualify for VA benefits with presumptions, and over the years the list of presumptive diseases for Vietnam veterans is constantly increasing. Travis Studdard reveals how widows of Vietnam vets can receive survivor benefits even [More]
Veterans and those who are related to them will want to take advantage of Saturday’s Veterans Resource Fair. https://kristv.com/uncategorized/2019/02/28/resource-fair-to-put-veterans-in-touch-with-vital-benefits/
Synopsis: The United States government began to seriously consolidate services to veterans in 1930. The GI Bill of Rights passed in 1944 had more effect on the American way of life than any other legislation, [More]
VA benefits: HOW TO APPLY (tips and tricks) ————————- Some tips and tricks on how to apply for VA disability compensation. *****DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON CURRENT VA BENEFITS! THIS INFORMATION IS GATHERED [More]