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Billed as a star-spangled celebration of food, fun, fishing and fund-raising, the 5th Annual Vets Fishing with Vets tournament is once again ready to make a splash in Aransas Pass. https://kristv.com/community/2019/04/25/fishing-tournament-to-honor-veterans-of-all-ages/
On May 14, 2013, I was waiting for my delayed flight at Chicago’s Midway Airport when I noticed Navy Shipman gathering and forming some sort of line. Onlookers like myself didn’t know if it was [More]
Friends of Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins said they aren’t surprised that he gave his life to save others; that’s the type of person he was.
http://www.HonorOne.Org Honor One mission: raising financial help for veterans, firefighters and police… $10 at a time. That is the magic number. We know that everyone can afford $10 and can spread the word to others [More]
Because who doesn’t love Veteran’s Day? Be sure to watch in HD! Stay tuned for more!
http://www.HonorOne.Org Honor One helping military families can be a controversial military veteran subject. Aren’t returning veterans already receiving services? Don’t they get enough help already? No they do not- that is a big misconception of [More]
► Sipa via AP Images Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were hard at work this week—even if we all didn’t see. Sure, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are o… ► SUBSCRIBE 2nd channel…… : https://goo.gl/vNBTVy ► [More]
On Saturday, volunteers laid thousands of wreaths on the graves of veterans.
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