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Military Tribute Song for Veterans. This Song was written in Honor of the Veterans who have sacrificed so much to serve us. Freedom is not Free. After a video interview with a veteran in the [More]
Some of my insight to you guys considering joining the military. This could be very valuable to lots of people. Watch my other videos here! http://bit.ly/DeploymentVideo Subscribe for some weekly entertainment! http://bit.ly/AustensYoutube Follow me On [More]
This is a video I did to honor and thank all United States military personnel, past and present, for the selfless sacrifices they make to keep our nation free. It was used for our church’s [More]
Answering questions on what it takes to be an MA (Master At Arms) in the Navy. Hope you guys enjoy! Show some love Sara’s Blog https://www.theblondedomain.com/ 10-Week Boot Camp Preparation Guide https://austenalexander.com/bootcampblueprint Watch my other [More]
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With Harold’s return to work he had to get a pretty intense military hair cut and the transition with him gone during the day has not been the easiest! Rachel does her best to tackle [More]
Hey Guys! It’s Jake and Imani! Just a military couple, living in Alaska and starting their YouTube journey. We have plenty of tags, challenges, Q&A’s and vlogs to come but we figured this was the [More]
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