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Patriot PAWS Service Dogs, Veterans, TDCJ Prison Program
The first working service dog to graduate from Carroll College’s Anthrozoology program met its veteran Monday.
(WESTOVER, Md.) – While it’s clear America’s VetDogs Program is a win-win situation for both disabled veterans and service dogs, inmates at Eastern Correctional Institution say they’re also benefitting from the program.
Homeless Veterans Program In Place
The propose of this video is not an attack but to educate my fellow veterans on the USAA Customer identification Program. USAA CIP policy Conjoins American Nationality with a U.S. person Tax status— Abridging the [More]
VA Small and Veteran Business Programs Executive Director Thomas J. Leney speaks on adjustments to the Veterans First Contracting Program to reflect the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Kingdomware Technologies, Inc. v. United States.
DMVA offers the Veteran Service Officer Grant Program, which provides grants to veteran service organizations that help DMVA reach the nearly 1 million veterans in Pennsylvania.
Honor the Heroes in Your Life & House More Veterans Veterans Matter National Housing Program has partnered with Crazy Cow Graphics in an effort to put more veterans and their families into safe, secure, permanent [More]