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Veterans describe a variety of PTSD symptoms and the steps they took to help manage their mental health challenges. Learn more about PTSD: https://maketheconnection.net/conditions/ptsd Find out more about Make the Connection: https://maketheconnection.net/what-is-mtc See what’s new [More]
For Veteran’s living with PTSD returning to normal civilian life can be anything but normal. Learn about Believet and its program where man’s best friend, Dogs, can make all the difference in helping veteran’s cope [More]
Service dog training for a specific task or PTSD emotional support dogs we train for you. A fast and easy way for your dog to learn with Dog Evolution training system. We work with Dog [More]
Army veteran David Jaiman said his service dog, Kyng, ran away when they were in a serious crash near I-85. Kyng is still missing.
According to the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs about 11-20% of veterans who served served in combat since 2001 suffer from PTSD. Although there is not enough research yet, early signs show that veterans with [More]