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This is a sample of the History Channel documentary, Vietnam in HD. We own no rights to this content but wanted to share their message in honor of Vietnam Veterans Day.
This is a portion of a documentary I’m making about Vietnam Veterans and the long overdue welcome home celebrations that have been popping up around the nation. I still have interviews and stock footage to [More]
The day was established in 1974 to honor those who served in the war and those who gave their lives.
Vietnam Veterans Day Ceremony
Veterans qualify for VA benefits with presumptions, and over the years the list of presumptive diseases for Vietnam veterans is constantly increasing. Travis Studdard reveals how widows of Vietnam vets can receive survivor benefits even [More]
Thousands showed up at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery Monday to attend the burial service for an unaccompanied U.S. Air Force Veteran.
Vietnam Veteran Rick Hazen of Medford, Oregon shares stories from his time serving in the Army: from his first engagement with the enemy to his witnessing of a mistaken napalm drop on fellow soldiers. To [More]