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Veteran Housing – No Business Like Home Business

In this interview, I speak with Edwin Diaz with Helios Property Management about Veteran housing and multifamily investing. It is a great niche that does alot of good for our veterans.

What is No business Like Home Business? In this series, I interview fix and flip top producers in real estate from all across the country. We talk about rehabbing houses, flipping houses, investing, wholesaling real estate, real estate marketing ideas, rental properties, and more! I pull out as much information and as many golden nuggets as possible from my guests sharing knowledge to help you turn a small home business into the next big business!

1 thought on “Veteran Housing – No Business Like Home Business

  1. I don't want this compensation, i don't want this housing subsidy, i need comprehensive healthcare and any employment for now, but eventually something that will carry me after 65-70

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