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Why Military Veterans Make Great Truck Drivers

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Follow Trucker Wayne’s blog here: https://greatcdltraining.com/blog/author/wayne-cragg?dnis=9825

Trucker Wayne talks about some of the reasons why Military Veterans make great truck drivers.

Watch this video for quick overview on the helpful habits that are learned in the military.

Follow Trucker Wayne’s blog here: https://greatcdltraining.com/blog/author/wayne-cragg?dnis=9825

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John Luna says:

Prior Army Sgt here. Doing the trucking thing. Couldnt agree with you more. Also, we are accustomed to long hard hours and we are known for doing what others dont wanna do to keep america great. Thank you for your service keeping our waters safe!

Ollie Gray IV says:

hooyah. got a friend back home trying to get me to jump on the owner operator band wagon w them

Bill Titterington says:

Retired Navy Chief here!

John Carey says:

Retired Army Chaplain. Really struggling Post-Army, and seriously considering this for 2nd career…at least for a few years. Thoughts?

chrisretusn says:

Retired Navy here.

Gizmo FlysLow says:

Just started CDL school this past Monday. I'm retired USAF. There are two other retired USAF guys, plus a medically retired US Army Ranger in my class. Another classmate is the son of a retired USAF guy!

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